Mari Dive Cruise

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… the ship has a new management and MARI has been technically completely overhauled in the year 2015-2016 …

What is new ?

  • electrical system 380V and 220V
  • 2 generators
  • 3 new Dive compressors
  • 2 desalination reverse-osmosis systems for 10000 liter/day
  • new fuel tanks for greater range
  • more powerful anchor winch and new anchors
  • new safety and navigation systems (new Liverafts, Radio VHF & SSB, GPS-MAP, Radar, EPIRB, SART, SAT phone)

July 2019
– NRC NITROX membrane system (500 Liter/min)
– new compressor Yanmar 33kVA
– renovation of the deluxe cabin bathrooms

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